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Confused... ^^;;;

16. 8. 2007
For the past week, I've been confusing the days... for example, today is Thursday and for half a day, I actually thought it was Wednesday.... it began last week, when on Friday, I believed (actually until 22.32 PM O.o) that it was Thursday. And ever since, I always think it's... yesterday XD

Are you on GaiaOnline? It's pretty funny sometimes... just dressing up your avatar and making money so you can buy stuff, but the graphics is really nice... I was happy today, because I got a pet dragon XD It's just an item, you know, an accessory, like a belt or jeans... but I still think of it as a living animal.... pretty, black dragon... I will have to think of a name for him... or her XD Yes, I'm crazy this way, making up virtual friends... I've always done this. These made-up friends are funny, sometimes sarcastic and badly-behaved... but loyal to me and love me as I am XD (yeah, it's a bit schizophrenic, but I don't care, they're cute XD) I have a demon called Ariel, he is a higher demon summoned by me... he's lazy and spoiled... and a womanizer... well, I should say he goes for almost anyone as long as the person is pretty... but secretly, he's absolutely in love with my friend's demon, Nightwalker. (yup, my friend, my dear Misako, is as messed-up in the head as I am, that's what I love about her XD). And he looks like Cloud form Final Fantasy - he can change his appearance as he likes XD

Then, I have an alter-ego, or maybe you could call her a ghost... she's almost historical figure... but modified XD Marquise de Sade is her name, and she serves her name well... she hates kids in some way or another, is sadistic and sarcastic, and wears black all the time... you could say she's my bad "myself" - arguing with her is funny a lot XD

And then, there's Ricky, or Richard - he's a little, cute bishounen with dog ears and a tail, and sometimes, he transforms into a dog completely. He's a lost soul, because in his first life, he was a dog and when he died, he wa supposed to be human, but his soul stuck to his dog personality and because of that, he died in a car accident when he was fifteen. So he stayed half-dog and very cute XD He is Russian, so he has sometimes a bit of trouble with language and understanding...

Okay, enough of my schizophrenia XD Today, I thought about Fluffy Trinity and I though about how I don't know how you look like... and you don't know how I do, so... maybe we should start using the Fluffy Trinity section of our gallery? XD What about uploading some photos of us in real life? You can make yourself look better in photoshop, just like I do sometimes when I'm bored... today, I was... I took a photo I liked a bit and then played in Photoshop... now, the photo looks really ancient, like it was taken from some historical film from 18th or 19th century... I like the look a lot...

I wanna know how you look *>_<* pretty please??? *^^*

Okay, I'm going to sleep... hope my family stops yelling at each other, so I could sleep, damn them ^^;;;; They could be considerate and yell when I'm awake -_-;; at least I can have the volume of my winamp at its full XD Orenji no Taiyou is such a pretty song... I LUUUV IT ^^


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Yaii, kawaii

(Mizu, 17. 8. 2007 10:18)

Thats so sweet ^^, I had my imaginary friends too, when I was young, but I don't have them anymore...T.T I don't even know, when they were gone -_-' I'm a bad friend T.T
Huh, Photos >.>' ehm, I'm not really photogenic...O_O But I will search for a normal photo, I hope I have somethink like that XD
Orengi no Taiyou, I love it too ^_^ I'm listening to 12gatsu no Love song ~tehe~ right now...
merry Kurisumasu XD XD XD