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Dead, but happy XD

6. 8. 2007

6. 8. 2007

I finally slept enough to really call it sleeping XD During the weekend, we had otaku-meeting here in BS and some people slept in my house. I had lots of fun in these three days, it was great. Although I never got to bed until about 2 or 3 AM and I woke up at about 6 or 7 AM every day XD So I look like a zombie now.... nevermind, it was worth it XD

I finally replaced some of missing files from my harddrive that collapsed because my dad got the PC full of virus. F**ked beyond all recognition. The IT people said that they’ve never seen a PC in such a bad state, never. And I lost 40 GB, if not more, of things I loved T__T for example, my collection of yaoi and shonenai movies – there were many good ones, and now they’re gone... another thing I missed a lot was my compilation of music, which, for some silly reason, I didn’t burn to DVDs. Stupid me... big hug to HiMi-sama, who sent me those perfect Gackt DVDs, so it replaced my missing Gackt files XD And now, a friend of mine – well, I suppose he’s my “brother” from now on XD (explanation later XD) – had lots of great music and copied it into my notebook... yay ^^

Said explanation – the night from Friday to Saturday, he was the only one from Otakus to sleep in my house. But my mum brought some of her acquaintances home too, and she wanted to somehow introduce my friend. At first, she suggested that he would be “family friend”, but that sounded boring to me, so I said “brother” XD I only said it for fun, but my mom really said we both were her “children” XD It was hard not to laugh when we saw the faces of those people really believing us XD Well, it’s not the first time I got a new Otaku brother, but this one is the closest to me from all my “onii-san”s XD We share a great obsession with tea, Asian culture and now I found out he likes Mika Nakashima too, who is my favourite female J-singer XD hug for brother dear, even if he won’t read this XD

It somehow reminded me that I’m going to be far from so many people I love when I’m at university. Damn. I suppose this is what people call mixed feelings – I am really looking forward to the new possibilities and new people that await me there... but still, I sometimes feel a bit sad about it. Even now I rarely see these great people, and it will be even more difficult. I can’t imagine what it would be like if we haven’t got Internet... not being able to even write an e-mail to them or speak to them through ICQ. That would be... damn too lonely. Aw. I wonder why no one comes to KE, all the people I love are in BA or somewhere else, but not East SR. Muehehe, at least I can say I study in "Far East"... not as far as Japan, but quite far from anything XD

But then again.... I won't know until I'm there... so I'm not gonna worry about it until I get there XD




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(Hime-chan, 6. 8. 2007 20:26)

you're going sooo faar away and we even didn't meet yet T___T and I can understand you perfectly..My friendships also gone weird after going study...and you'll be even without net? I'm soo saaad..... But don't think about it now...we are already connected...*we hugg you so tight and don't let go*
I know, you can do it too...You're the best!!


(Mizu, 6. 8. 2007 17:04)

Hmmm, fun with friends is one of the best things ever, I'am just a bit jelausy XD
I hope my Notebook is safe, but I should really burn some DVDs, expecialy that 6GB of Gacktthings. I can't lose it O___O...
Just don't worry too much with school, you will do it ^^