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Finally online...

22. 9. 2007

Thursday, 21:09

Hi girls... I know you’re not really listening to this, but I’m kinda lonely now so I’ll just talk to you… and post it later, so you know XD

The ride on train went well, I listened to Miyavi discography... yeah, some of his songs are really only “SCREAMSCREAMWHATEVERLITTLELYRICSSCREAM” but most of them were nice. Thank God XD Just now, I’m sitting on my new bed... well, it’s not really new, it’s OLD a lot, but for me, it’s new. My family says that whenever you sleep on a new place, your first dream in that new bed will come true. I hope I’ll dream yaoi XD XD mwahaha.

When I got here, first thing I did was cleaning. I’m not really a person who cleans normally, at least not until it’s necessary... and this was DAMN necessary. But my fingers kinda can’t feel now... because of the cleaning soap I used XD But it’s a bit cleaner here, so I’m happy.

And, only now I start to realize just how lonely it feels with all my friends so far away. My roommate isn't here yet... and I wonder what the third girl would be like. I’m starting to be really scared... damn. I wanna go home XD Though I met some nice people already... not that we really talked, it was just a small social chat in a lift, but those two guys seemed nice. It made me happy and relieved, because maybe there are more people like that XD I hope so.

My dinner was a tiny, TINY baguette from home. I’m gonna open a chocolate so I’m not hungry... banzai for the morning when I’ll go shopping for a bit...and breakfast XD And while devouring the chocolate, I’m going to watch Prince of Tennis movie... and then sleep XD Chuuuu and fluffy hug...


Saturday, 18:49

OK, finally I'm not hungry, not lonely, and not OFFLINE, and the last thing is what matters most. It was hell... well, not really. My roommate came yesterday and I learned some new things about her... she seems quite interesting, and tolerant. She even doesn't hate yaoi - when I was away from the room, I agreed that she could go through my notebook and watch some movies... and when I came back, she told me she watched a bit of the movie with DiCaprio and that she wanted to see it whole. I became a bit scared of her reaction, because it was that movie about Verlaine's and Rimbaud's homosexual relationship, but when I asked her if she minded homosexuals, she only looked at me and said "Of course no." Then, we watched Total Eclipse and when they kissed, she even said they were cute... I was sooooooooooo happy XD Well, of course I'm not gonna throw all my yaoi stuff at her, but still it's nice that she understands it XD



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Don't worry

(Mizu, 24. 9. 2007 17:56)

It needs a bit time but I'm sure you will feel better afer a few days in the school. Gambatte!!!!!!!


(Hime=chan, 23. 9. 2007 11:00)

new yaoi fangirl, huh? Just turn her on the RIGHT SIDE ^.~
HAve a nice day online!!