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First time :P

3. 8. 2007

3. 8. 2007

Hi minna ^^ It’s first time writing something like this for me too – whew, finally I can practice my English on something else than fanfiction XD So I’ll do a bit of introducing now – prepare for looong reading, since I don’t really know what to write about, and when I write without knowing WHAT to write exactly, I end up writing what I momentarily think. And I think a lot XD

Nick: Liu, Liu-chan or whole thing is Liu Yan – I’ve got it since I was eleven or twelve. It was a name I came up with for fanfiction we wrote with my two friends, and somehow I started using it as a nick. Another nicknames I use are Pheuthe – no meaning, I just like the name... I think it’s Celtic or Northern name – not sure XD and Ian Philippe – you can find this in some of my fanfiction accounts, I use it at ff.net and some other sites.

Age: 17 (I feel inferior XD just joking... I’m used to be one of the youngest or the youngest XD)

Birthday: 21st of October – I used to really hate it... don’t know why XD now I like it... but I have another birthday, which I call “my soul’s birthday” – I am always unusually happy on that day, always happends something good to me and I just generally enjoy the date: 23rd of March XD

Eyes: blue, gray, green – depending on the weather and my mood. I have a photo where I have crystal-blue eyes XD usually I like to say they’re green, I like that color the best XD and lately I discovered little bits of amber color in my left eye... ahem XD

Hair: now – dark, dark red, natural color – light brown, almost blonde (shows on my eyebrows XD)

Height: somewhere between 176 and 178 cm

Weight: 62-65 – dunno which is correct XD

Pets: a dog Aura and a turtle called Kame-chan XD and yup, it DOES mean “turtle” in Japanese XD no siblings, but I’m not too spoiled XD

Hobbies: writing and reading. When I’m not writing, I’m at least thinking about what to write XD mostly, I do yaoi-themed fanfiction or my own stories, rarely fantasy stories and sometimes, when my Muse beats me senseless (XD) I do poetry, but that’s very occasional.

Other hobbies are just normal – listening to good music, watching a good movie, having a good time with friends... I quite like roleplaying, but don’t have time to do it a lot... with my best friend, we’ve developed several alter-egos and “summoned some demons” to have characters to roleplay with – we used to talk with all the characters at the same time on MSN or ICQ, but there’s no time for it anymore... wanna know my characters? XD

I also draw... once in a blue moon XD Nothing too good as I don’t have time to develop my skills – I stick to writing, it feels somehow safer for me to write.

Favourite drink: TEA!!! I’m a tea-maniac. I LOVE almost every kind of tea, but jasmine green tea is my absolute favourite, and the best of best is the one called Nai Xian – it’s like drinking liquid paradise. GREAT tea.

Favourite food: dunno, really. I like lots of meals and dislike a lot XD depends on many things... but still, I think I love rice and some Japanese – Chinese food. I am not a vegetarian, but when I eat meat, I prefer chicken or fish, something not too fat – I don’t like the taste of too much oil and fat. Also, I love fruit a lot XD

Dislikes: Hmm XD I can’t eat fresh paprika – my stomach hurts a lot when I do. And for some reason, when I was young I developed a dislike for mushrooms ^^; I absolutely hate lies and people who lie – and I don’t mean something stupid and insignificant, I mean people who lie about important things. I also can’t stand hypocrisy and closed-mindedness. I used to dislike a lot of other things, but I changed a lot during past two years and now I just ignore what I don’t like. Why should I shorten my life with unnecessary stupidity XD

And I’m officially lazy. I mean – when I don’t HAVE to, or NEED to, do something, I won’t do it. I am perfectly capable of doing it, I just don’t when it’s not necessary XD

Likes: open-minded, nice and composed people. Not cold – just with balanced mind. For that reason, I’m quite attracted to older men – men in thirties, forties. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the ordinary forties-man with round belly from too much beer and an only hobby watching TV XD I mean a well-groomed, self-confident and intelligent forties-man, attractive in his own way. Many people told me I was a bit... not normal for thinking so, but I find these men more attractive than most of early-twenties idiots who can only talk about alcohol, parties and sex... bleh. XD (And Gackt is “older” too, mwahaha XD) Well, I still find young men attractive in a conventional meaning, but “pretty” is one thing, “capable of a normal relationship” another XD

Music: Gackt, of course XD but I listen to lots of things, almost every kind of music, really. I’m not too fond of jazz and blues and I don’t really like our national songs XD but other than that, almost everything. I listened to classical music, rock, metal, punk, pop, ethno... but I don’t really prefer any band or singer.

Gackt song: Kimi ga Matte Iru Kara – but Crescent version, not the slow one. I did AMV to this song years ago and I’ve loved the song ever since. I also love Mizerable, because I LOVE the sound of well-played strings.

Movie: can’t choose one... I like gay-themed movies a lot, they are very touching. Not all of them... but I love Total Eclipse a lot, great story... and I suppose I liked Lord of the Rings and HP movies too. I’m currently desperate to see GREAT acting skills. Not just good, not Oscar-good-acting. But GREAT acting, which will pin you to the seat and make your breath catch in your throat, one that doesn’t SEEM like acting at all. I found it recently in Total Eclipse – David Thewlis was just fabulous. I also LOVE theatre – I went several times and it was great... I’d LOVE to see some of Shakespeare’s plays... not some modern adaptation, bah... but NORMAL Shakespeare.

Actor: as in music, I mostly like one role of the actor and not the other, so it’s difficult to tell, but some of the people I really admire are Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, Alan Rickman, Viggo Mortensen and Johnny Depp. All of them are quite expressive and can really make me FEEL when I watch their acting. No women, I suppose – I haven’t really found a female actor whom I found extraordinary. Or I just can’t remember now XD



Hmm... did I forget something? I think I’ve written quite a lot... ahem... maybe a little too much XD Well, feel free to ask if you want to know something ... or feel free to tell me I’ve overdone it a bit with the length XD




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OMG(ackt) :p

(Mizu, 3. 8. 2007 13:47)

that was long...Oo I should write more too XD
It's nice, that I get to know you a little better with this update ^^
But...why I'm the oldest one...and the smallest one
It's always like this XD XD


(Hime-chan, 3. 8. 2007 13:46)

Cool, I didn't know that much about you..great that you let me know again a bit more...
My mommy was born on the day of your soul birthday>.<
I hope I'll get to know you even more ..You definetely are an interesting person..as I thought
Big Hugs