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(20) A bit crazyness with the Air XD XD XD - 1.November.2007 (Thu)

1. 11. 2007
I HAVE IT!!!! I HAVE IT!!!! O_________________O Chachas album AIR!!! Yaiiiii~ It was a long way, girls T_____________T Let's dance and clap hands, and cry, and... listen to it XD XD XD XD XD
........Yeah, I'm alright >.>'
But I'm so happy XD XD XD >.<'
The beginning of his first song reminds me of the beginning of Lust for blood.... lolz, Chacha has really an interesting voice....

On the other hand, I have a new mp3 from Gacku. In Jougen no Tsuki, there was a 7minutes long piano segment, its name was Solitude Regret and it was not on his albums or singles. But now I have it toooo....its so beautifull. I can listen to it the whole day long  o^____________________^o

Backt to me....
The next week beginns my practice for school. I will go to a organization Memory. There are going people with the alzheimer.... and my mission is to realise, what is it for a feeling to be a pacient.... I will be the pacient....^__________^'....an alzheimer pacient O________________o 
The face from Chacha on this Photo really suits my mental state..... WAHAHAHAHA...ehm....
I will inform you, how its going on....yaaaaaah

And now all together:
Wakige Bou! Monage Bou! Toooookioooo tooweeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!

Oki, I have found out that "Wakige Bou!" means something like "Underarm hair people." ( the plushy Upti-kuns)
Girls, You will look in not a long time like a cute little Pig(gy)-chan, cuz he goes to MCDonalds two time a day, cuz of his stress with the recording XD XD XD XD Lolz, Piggy-chan....omg



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(poor, sick hime, 3. 11. 2007 12:34)

I want that too... the air the mp3 tha fluffy trinity.. GACKT...GACKT LIVE... GACKT KISS ... UAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa I guess I'll update so I don't ruin your pretty cheery article


(Mizu, 1. 11. 2007 23:42)

Yeah, I know XD XD XD, but two times a day!!!! McDonalds, omg!!!! YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, what are you doing????!!!???
He writes all the time in his diary, how he gets flabby and fat and how he must train with Billy (a videotape with a trainingprogram)...but still he ends in "MaCuDo" XD XD XD He is much worse than a girl XD XD XD My cute little Thing ~tehe~ XD XD XD

I have today a writing day, I supose...I write to much XD XD And I eat to much chocolate >.>'

omg XD

(Liu, 1. 11. 2007 21:46)

I doubt You will be a piggy... I bet he's one of those annoying-as-hell people who can eat a whole cow each day in hamburgers and won't get a bit of fat on their bodies... he definitely looks like it XD and if he does put on some weight... well, then his Seme, whoever it is, will be happy that You-chan is finally a bit fluffy and less bony (or boney? XD) and poor Seme-sama won't get bruises from You anymore XD (it is too late and my stomach hurts... well, the lower part... so don't expect any coherent thoughts XD)