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(23) After 3 weeks... - 26.Januar.2008 (Sat)

26. 1. 2008

Hell, I had 9 exames in 3 weeks, I thought I'm gona die T___T But now it's over.  *phuuu* I was the whole time in BA, but now I'm home and doing nothing. What a great feeling. ~Yaii~  After the last exam a bought the last Harry Potter book. I was so happy XD XD even if I know that so many charas are going to die. T_T *my poor poor little Snape* Right now I'm on page 436. Ehm, sorry for the spoilers, but I'm sure you both know it already.

Today, I was with my parents in Nitra. We were shopping, cuz there are so many concessions\discounts (huh, which term is the right one? O_o). But I'm not happy at all...cuz I wanted a new anorak and I tryed soooo many.....T___T.....and I found so many which I liked...but...but...they were no good T_____T *snief* How mean....T_T Thanx god I bought new shoes instead....

Hm....some Gacku news :3 Have fun with this pic XD XD XD :


He is doing sound checks XD XD XD ROFL. I'm stil laughing XD...

Yep, Gacku is recording his new album. It should be out this spring. And it will be a new "new" album ^_____^ and after that, he will make 60 lives! I think he is going to die T_T Is he crazy? And he made an announcement, that probably, he will end his cariere as a singer in Year 2010....T_T... we don't have much time, if we wanna see him live, huh?

Ou, I downloaded Gacku's first concert. It was before Mars. It's name is Shock Wave Illusion (1999). Only 6 songs (I think), Chacha is not there yet and Gacku is sooo shy o^_^o with blond vanilla hair...You-kun is blond too O_o I like him with dark hair better. There is only one concert we don't have...after Mars, he made Starlight Gig (2000) but I can't find it anywhere T_T

Aaaa, somethink more. After new year, Gacku was going to Shrine to make a new year wish. He was totaly drunk XD XD And you know what he wrote on the ema? Look here:


Ok, I know you can't read it. I will tell you ^_____^

He wrote:


Hell, Gacku, yeah, go for it!!!


Ok, thats all from me for today. Have a nice weekend Dears^^



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Hey babies !

(Hime-chan, 31. 1. 2008 22:29)

I vote for Gacku too, he' so hot!!!
My exams are also done, so I'm starting to relax my brain a little.
gotte a lot to tell you..


(Mizu, 27. 1. 2008 13:49)

You mean, our sadistic-no compromis-Gacku as the world leader???? OMG...I'm not sure if that's a good idea XD XD
Actually, I had 12 exams, but I passed 3 in december (thanx God! @_@)
I wanna a new anorak, I wanna a new anorak T_T


(Liu-chan, 27. 1. 2008 9:33)

The world domination? :D Haha... maybe he plans to retire as a singer only to be a world leader :D Imagine the world with no wars, hot bishies and looots of fun... yay. I will vote for him if he runs in the election for world leader :)))))
9 exams? O__o omg, how did you manage it XD I had only 5 and it was enough for me XD XD XD you certainly deserve some rest :)
btw I believe "discount" is the term for this... never heard the other one in this connection, but it might be possible... dunno :)
Good luck finding a new anorak... I know how hard it is to find something when you really want something great and all the things are just ordinary... and do not fit your image at all :)